Laetitia Meffre, founder of Corbeau Studio, is an international multimedia artist, performer and creativity guide. She obtained her MA degree in Art Therapy from INECAT Paris, France. She is also a certified Tamalpa Life/Art Process® Facilitator (Level 2: Embodied Leadership). 

Her approach integrates multiple modalities of expressive art—creative movement, visual arts, poetry, and dynamic dialogue. She endeavors to guide curious life travelers who are ready for discovery, self-healing and growth.

Laetitia remains curious about how we experience the different levels of reality that we inhabit. She invites others to expand their perspectives, tapping the infinite resources already within, and finding solutions that are authentic to each individual’s personal development. Her process helps others reimagine their personal narratives—empowering them to be the authors of their own lives.

Laetitia has worked and led workshops in France, Italy, Chile, Spain, and Brazil. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.